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Mentorship & Training

Start-ups incubated at SIDO benefit from some of the leading mentors who are entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, industry experts, academicians etc. The mentors provide guidance and advice based on start-up specific needs through calls, lectures, and informal meetings.

The program provides high quality training ranging from how to run a business to how to develop a product and roll it out to the market successfully.

By forming personal relationships with the best and the brightest entrepreneurial minds, you will nurture your idea to a fully-fledged business.

Office & Space

It might not be the coolest place you dream of, but we provide a way-above-average free office space, that is just right for you to build the next big thing. The office space comes with the benefits of fast internet provided by our partner TTCL and a spacious meeting/brainstorming space.
You may want to pay us a visit to see what is available.

Pool of Talents

One of the most unique part of this programme is the ease of tapping into very good talents from our own people. SIDO has a pool of experts ranging from business development, marketing, engineering, food processing technology, accountancy and many more. Areas that experience shortage are complemented by some of our partners.

Access to & Capital

We do not promise your guaranteed financing but our program facilitates access to capital sources such as banks, venture capitalists, angel investors, and corporate strategic partners. Our experts can help financial service providers negotiate strategies, perform due diligence, and structure deals with the incubatees.

Access To Valuable Resources

Student interns, technical experts, learned members from academia and scholarly research findings are available to assist the start-ups gain thorough understanding of the business dynamics. We also facilitate access to outside professionals, such as accountants and consultants who are able to assist incubatees at no cost or at discounted rates.

Educational Programs

Regular seminars, arranged study tours, training sessions and round table discussions are an integral part of the program. Practical topics relating to financial planning, business modelling, capital acquisition, strategic business planning, and organizational development, to name a few, are taught by, bankers, consultants and other sponsors.

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